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Shropshire start up creates tracking system for crops - from seed to plant

27th August 2020

Agri-robotics start-up raises £250k from MEIF for revolutionary system to improve crop yields

A Shropshire start-up which aims to use cutting-edge technologies to help farmers improve crop yields has raised £250,000 from the MEIF Proof of Concept & Early Stage Fund, which is managed by Mercia and part of the Midlands Engine Investment Fu...

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two founders of Utility Stream business
Shropshire start up creates tracking system for crops - from seed to plant
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Director of regional funding at British Business Bank quoted in article
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Nottingham medical firm
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kare business
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GP Service team
First Enterprise Team
Million pound lending milestone for BCRS celebrated at University of Wolverhampton Science Park
Footfalls and Heartbeats Limited team
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Unique IQ
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IQ Medical
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Hypermotive team
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Navitas team at Advanced Technology Innovation Centre
drone flying
C7 Health photo by staircase
Sarah Davis
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On Logistics team outside office
lewis stringer
motiv trailers case study
Locate Therapeutics team in office
Olberon medical
Mick Ventola
Lifeplan team photo
Coalville team
Sajid Javid, Patrick Magee and Nick Pulley
BCRS October
about npif
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