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profile of MD venture solutions - Mr Ken cooper

5th December 2023

Midlands Engine Investment Fund delivers £250m in direct investment for region’s businesses

Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF) exceeds £250 million milestone. The Fund has made 1,037 investments into Midlands’ businesses since 2017. Total of £56m was invested in the manufacturing sector, making it the most active sector. ...

Midlands Engine Investment Fund

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profile of MD venture solutions - Mr Ken cooper
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Joe Cusdin
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profile of MD venture solutions - Mr Ken cooper
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Patrick Magee COO of British Business Bank delivering a speech
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ELEM colleagues celebrating success holding MEIF sign
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four bottles of Gin product shown
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interior view of business premises
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female on sofa using product with her laptop
management of business pictured with Fund manager and bank representation
founder of the tech business
wholesale business warehouse picture
MEIF Video screen
founder of business Humley
copper tubing product
business owners pictured in front of computer screens and fund manager who has supported investment
two founders of Utility Stream business
Shropshire start up creates tracking system for crops - from seed to plant
Jennifer MEIF close up photo
Director of regional funding at British Business Bank quoted in article
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Image of Rapid-Retail-Modular-Unit
Fifty-One-Percent promotional image
Image of WAA-Chosen-Team-Picture
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Promotional photo of Patrick-Magee
image Staffcircle-Mark-Seemann
cyberowl photo in Birmingham
png of CLBILS--03 (003)
CBILS-social-media-01 image of (what is CBILS)
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meif-1-year team photo BBB Staff
Naturally-Tribal image
streamline-press business image
halo-x-ray team image stood looking at camera
maven-x photo
furnley image business team photo
Kidderminster-Petroleum-Services team photo
mortgage team photo MEIF
natural-hr working at desks
solaris & MEIF team image
foresight team image
staffcircle team image
Keith-Fawdington close up image
midven and team close up
james-b image
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GP Service team
First Enterprise Team
Million pound lending milestone for BCRS celebrated at University of Wolverhampton Science Park
Footfalls and Heartbeats Limited team
Addqual photo
Unique IQ
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DTC International team
midven team in factory
bcrs photo
Adapttech photo
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zeeko team in factory
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Navitas team at Advanced Technology Innovation Centre
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county council posing for photo
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lewis stringer
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Olberon medical
Mick Ventola
Lifeplan team photo
Coalville team
Sajid Javid, Patrick Magee and Nick Pulley
BCRS October
about npif
patrick magee photo
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